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Holy Book Zaboor In Urdu Pdf

Holy Book Zaboor In Urdu Pdf

The Holy Book Zaboor, also known as the Psalms, is a collection of 150 sacred songs and poems that are part of the Old Testament in the Bible. The Zaboor was revealed to Prophet Dawood (David), who is considered as one of the greatest prophets and kings in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The Zaboor contains praises, prayers, laments, and wisdom for the believers.


If you are looking for a PDF version of the Holy Book Zaboor in Urdu, you can find some online resources that offer free downloads or online reading. Here are some of them:

  • [Urdu Geo Version]: This website provides PDF files of the entire Kitab-i Muqaddas (The Holy Bible) in Urdu script, including the Sahaif-i Hikmat aur Zaboor (The Wisdom Books and Psalms). You can download each book separately or as a whole. The PDF files were last updated in February 2022.

  • [Revised Urdu Bible]: This website allows you to read the Kitab-i Muqaddas (The Holy Bible) online in Urdu. You can also download the YouVersion Bible App to access the Bible on your mobile devices. The Revised Urdu Bible was published by the Pakistan Bible Society in 2010. If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy, you can contact them at their website.

  • [Holy Bible INJEEL Urdu (New Testament)]: This website provides a PDF file of the Injeel-i Muqaddas (The New Testament) in Urdu, which includes the Zaboor as part of the Gospel according to Matthew. You can download or read the PDF file online at

We hope that these resources will help you to read and understand the Holy Book Zaboor in Urdu. May Allah bless you and guide you to the truth.

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