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Sexual Energy And Yoga

Other traditions like Tantra teach Brahmacharya is all about embodying a right relationship to our sexuality and sexual energy. The yoga utilises the source of your amazing sexual energy to reach higher states of consciousness. This is the way I teach in my Shakti Vinyasa Yoga and Yoni Yoga.

Sexual Energy and Yoga


Fortunately the right relationship with yoga and sexual energy very few teach because of years of suppression. I am grateful to have been taught from lineages that preserve the ancient teachings of yoga and sexual energy. This practice empowers us to feel great, liberated, fluid and if your a woman more feminine.

Goddess pose or Utkata Konasana (video below) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this asana, I circle, I undulate. I also as here ride linear up and down, with soft toning of pelvic floor or yoni! This definitely is yoga and sexual energy in a totally spiritual way. This video is from my 2019 India Yoga retreat.

Our sexual energy is synonymous with prana. However, prana is more than just an impetus for the pursuit of pleasure. Our sexuality is what inspires us to create, smile, and communicate. In our physical body, blood flows through veins, capillaries, and arteries. In our energetic body, prana flows through energy pathways called nadis. Prana rides on the breath like a surfer riding a beautiful wave.

Goddess pose, as the name suggests, really works well to help you connect with your inner sexual goddess. It strengthens and tones the core muscles, quadriceps, inner thighs, shoulders, arms, and upper back. It also increases the heat in the body and increases circulation, which you will certainly feel the longer you hold the pose.

This pose is one of the best hip openers available as it counteracts chair and cardio-crunched hips by increasing blood flow and heat in the groin area. This increased blood flow and heat will help open the hips for a wider range of motion. It also increases your energy levels, therefore, stimulating your sexual energy as well. Where the blood flows, energy follows! This pose is especially healing for women as it can help relieve symptoms of menstruation.

Some people say that Savasana, which requires no physical effort, is actually the hardest yoga pose to master. This is because it requires that you bring your full attention to the present moment. When you are able to quiet your mind, and focus your breath and your body, you are better able to relax and connect with yourself. This connection with yourself will help you to feel sexual energy rise within you. While resting in this pose, focus on the movement and growth of energy in your body.

Michelle Thielen began studying and practicing yoga while professionally dancing in Portland, Oregon where she was born and raised. With over two decades of experience she considers herself a self-taught yogi. She is a Registered Yoga Trainer with Yoga Alliance at the 500 level and enjoys being a presenter with the Yoga Alliance as well as various Yoga Festivals such as Yoga Rocks the Park.

This is an awesome pose for reversing the effect of gravity by revitalizing the organs as pressure is relieved from the lower areas of our body. It stimulates the nervous, hormonal, and endocrine systems, improving our overall health, reducing fatigue, and giving us a dose of energy!

By opening up through our hips and heart, we increase the blood flow to our groin, stimulating our energy levels for fun times with our special someone later that day. Where the blood flows, the energy follows!

Sometimes taking just 20 minutes to nurture yourself each day is enough to give you heaps of energy to get you through busy days. Allow yourself to find that perfect sense of Zen before reconnecting with your special someone heading into your evening together.

Sexual transmutation is taking the sexual energy that's building inside you and channeling it into something else. "You'll let that physical energy build up," clairvoyant intuitive Catharine Allan notes, "and you purposely don't release it in that sexual way." You could, of course, channel it directly into physical sex, as so many do, but if you need a little extra oomph of creative energy or physical might, holding off on the sex and using that energy elsewhere is the idea of sexual transmutation.

Allan and Roxo both note that sexual transmutation requires a great deal of awareness, particularly of your own sexual energy. "You have to physically be aware of that build of energy," Allan explains, "and instead of right away going to the release of it (orgasming), you take it and maybe you clean the house, for example."

Roxo adds if you haven't meditated for very long or aren't involved in other spiritual practices and rituals, you might find difficulty trying to transmute your sexual energy. "You need to have a certain level of awareness to be able to differentiate between these different states occurring in your body, and in your emotional and spiritual body," she says. "You want a basic knowledge of how to work with your breath and a basic cultivation of awareness training, so you can stay present with what's happening."

When Roxo practices sexual transmutation, she works through the heart center by directing the sexual energy through the body, then her heart space, and out. Though she notes you could also do this with the crown chakra or any chakra you want to work with, really. The following is her three-step process for doing so:

For example, art is one avenue to go down. Maybe for you this looks like painting, making music, or writing a poem. If dance is an art form to you, perhaps you dance. "You can create with that energy because sexual energy is creative energy," Roxo notes.

And for anyone looking to make fitness gains, yes, you can channel your sexual energy into something more athletic or physical. This is a more masculine approach, Roxo adds, but can be great for the physical body. Anything from a cold plunge to a workout to breathwork like Wim Hof's technique would allow you to move that energy.

Sexual transmutation can be incredibly powerful when done right, but Roxo does note that we live in a sexually wounded culture, and trauma ought to be addressed first. "Before attempting to go into any advanced practices around your sexual energy, I would recommend healing practices. If you haven't actually dug into any healing work, then going into the advanced states could actually be triggering."

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

In order to be the best version of ourselves and to use our energy in the right way, we need first of all to listen to what our bodies need. After all, to be able to spread our message to the world and really make the most of what we learn from our yoga practice, we need to have enough energy within ourselves.

Learn how to use your sexual/creative power to manifest your intentions and increase energy. Pelvic floor and abdominal core exercises will tone your sexual chi, your belly, and organs. Stoke the fire of the second chakra to lift energy to the heart and crown.

The yoga texts talk about the act of sex as an incredible intoxicating and divine experience. When two beings who are deeply in love offer themselves to each other to merge as one being, the sexual experience is to divine, it is even considered a form of prayer! Yet the same yoga texts also promote abstinence, self-control, and continence - all those seemingly 'moral' things passionate young beings often don't want to hear about!

The yoga masters say that the most powerful instinct after the instinct of survival is the sex instinct, and that our sexual fluid contains the highest amount of Prana - more than any form of food we can ingest!

In Sanskrit, sexual energy is referred to as veerya, meaning vigor or power. And if we use it rightly, it has the power to transform what is a weakness into a strength, what is impure into what is pure, and what is a mediocre romantic karma into attracting beautiful, deep, fulfilling true love. Our possession of sexual energy signifies that we as individuals have the power to create LIFE in the form of a living, breathing, and conscious human being, and one who, in turn, is capable of creating abundant possibilities.

The ancient yogis understood the full ramifications of this, as did so many great minds from other cultures. The same energy which supplies the sex organs to create sexual fluid is also responsible for fueling, in varying degrees, the mental and inspirational creation of any creative expression like emotion-inspiring music, thought-provoking literature, innovative ideas, and awesome inventions.

If, as great minds throughout history have done, we harness (or contain) the highly concentrated Pranic energy found in sexual fluid, and transmute (or consciously redirect) it, our sexual energy becomes a great tool for creating something unique and important, including building powerful love magnetism.

The universe holds the treasure of all our dreams and desires. To access this treasure trove, we need to connect our mind with the universal creative intelligence. for our mind to do so, we need inspired creative magnetic energy to channel that intelligence.

An increase in our magnetism means a greater ability to attract powers directly from the universe. Great pieces of music and art, revelations, and scientific inventions occur because an individual, through his or her unique creative inspiration and magnetism, connects with the universe, the source of all creative intelligence. Through the law of attraction, the creative energy from the universe flows into the human soul, and is stored there. Through certain kinds of stimulation, our subconscious mind is able to access this power for outward expression. Sexual stimulation (in the sense of our inherent desire to create) is the most powerful way to stimulate the mind into connecting with that intelligence within, as sex energy has the highest concentration of Prana. This is the process of transmutation through sexual stimulation. 041b061a72

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