R+H Beeswax Wraps

R+H Beeswax Wraps

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Our beeswax wraps will replace your single use plastic wrap coverings reducing your waste with one simple item. Use these on any bowl or glass, it also adheres to itself so you can easily wrap it around a piece of fruit or veggie 


All orders arrive with five feet of  jute twine for your use to tie around your beeswax wraps for extra security (plus it's a vibe!) 


For your first use check out our Instagram page and IGTV 'First Use' to see how to use + care for your wraps + twine! 

  • How to Care for your R+H Beeswax Wrap

    Care for your R+H Beeswax wraps by rinsing gently under cold water only; hot water will melt the wax.

    Use a non abrasive sponge with a gentle soap + cold water if needed.

    Lay flat or over your dishes to dry.

    *Do not use wraps for meats*

  • R+H Beeswax Wrap Uses

    Replace single use plastic cling wrap or disposable tupperware in your home using Root + Heart beeswax wraps

    Cut roll into any desired size or shape to fit your needs

    Use the warmth of your hands to fold wrap over any china, glassware or itself

    Use twine to tie it all together if needed

  • Thank you for doing a good thing!

    • It takes plastic 1000 years to decompose 
    • You are removing the option to continue careless waste at what you may believe is a small amount but your small ripple is causing a major tidal wave of help towards the pollution of our oceans and landfills. THANK YOU 1000+ years! 
    • Beeswax wraps are made from natural oils + wax, 100% cotton cloth and will decompose/biodegrade much quicker than any plastic you purchase. 
    • Thank you for your mindfulness 
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